Service Desk Software Team

Monitor 24-7's team of experienced business and technology leaders applies a hands-on approach to product development and customer service. Their combined wealth of knowledge and industry experience opens the door to greater opportunities and success for the company and its customers.

Sales Team

Most of our Sales and Marketing consultants have been in the IT Service Management business for years. All have been involved in implementation and in requirement collection of many of our customers. We often get remarks that the sales people could have been in support as well. Our sales people know what they are talking about and they know how to assist you!

Development Team

The Product Development team members have experience with various Enterprise Service Management organizations and large consulting firms. This proven track record is leveraged when setting the strategic direction of our product. One of the core values of Monitor 24-7 is that all our employees understand what our customers want today and where they should be in the future. Our developers are involved in implementing IncidentMonitor which guarantees that new features are based upon customer requirements and software quality is of the highest level.

Support Team

Our support team consists of developers and implementation experts and trainers. This is unique in the market and gives you the guarantee that you get high quality support of people directly involved in the development of the application.

Every person on the Monitor 24-7 team has at least 10 years of industry experience. Most of our technology leaders have 15 - 20 years of industry experience with transaction processing systems across a multitude of vertical industries.


ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.