Customer Stories

Dynacare's savings

Dynacare was in growth mode, with the acquisition of 2 - 3 new companies each year. They needed a tool which helps them to keep up with the growth of the company. After implementing IncidentMonitor their First Call Resolution (FCR) increased from 4% to 56%, the average request turnaround time for incidents dropped from 216 hours to 25 hours.

How did our service desk software help to achieve this?
self service software
LDI Enjoying the Benefits of Self-Service

With the implementation of IncidentMonitor™ from Monitor 24-7 Inc. LDI introduced a simple, no-training-required, self-service portal. IncidentMonitor includes a service catalog which automates ticket routing to the right person in the right place, with full automation. The result is a minimum of 360 hours/year saved by the desktop team, another 60 hours saved on automating the process of ordering a printer cartridge.

More Service Desk Software savings
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How an Internal IT Company Uses IncidentMonitor for their Service Desk

Company with around 1,000 employees of which around 300 in a mobile job. The support desk of 10 persons supports the internal staff as well as the employees in the field. People in the field are highly dependable on their mobile equipment and access to company systems via web and vpn. All services are organized according ITIL. Some of the demands were for example toset up workflows according ITIL to force the company into procedures, end users and support staff should be able to log and view tickets in a web support portal anytime anywhere, etc...

Internal ITIL Service Desk Software
help desk software for external support
IT External Support Company

Company with around 100 employees of which 20 in first line support, 20 software developers and 30 consultants offers external IT support to organizations in the midsize market as well as hosting solutions. They were looking for a tool that could support the hosting environment, their own internal organization and at the same time was able to support external customers. This meant the application needed to support multiple service level agreements (SLA), multiple web portals to meet multiple requirements for external customers. An easy to configure service catalog as well as self help portal with a practical knowledge base was key. As the company invested heavily in ITIL v3 certification of their staff it was important that the tool they selected would support this. With the change and release management flows this meant that the tool selection was also focusing on workflow capabilities. And last but not least was the limited budget availability.

External ITIL Service Desk Software
service desk software for pharma
Large Pharmaceutical consolidates multiple service desks
A large Pharmaceutical with development team of around 300 people approached Monitor 24-7 as they were looking for a solution to support them with servicing the end users with questions and issues for the software tools the development team was responsible for. They were looking for a consistent method of submitting support tickets. Important requirements were that the tool would be able to provide a easy to customer web interface, that over 40,000 end users were able to access the portal and communicate via the portal as well as via email. That webforms were available to capture the right information. As the pharmaceutical works with many important internal tools it was also key that those tools could easily be integrated. Last but not least is that issues had to be solved according strict business rules following approvals and checks . Workflow capability was critical. ITIL is important as the company.
Internal Service Desk Software Pharma
service desk software
myBrand ISA 3402 compliance with IncidentMonitor™
NL-based SAP consulting firm myBrand set an objective to select an enterprise-wide service desk software solution, the decision was created by two important factors. Customers had requested that myBrand achieve ISA 3402 compliance, that required detailed reports that could be generated by the right service desk software solution.....
ISA3402 Service Desk Software
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Ajilon Solves Internal Service Desk solves it all with IncidentMonitor™
Ajilon's data centre in Montreal had undergone tremendous development, and at the time his team didn't have a ticketing system, so they were seeking 'a proper incident management tool that would grow with us' Desjardins says...
Internal Service Desk Software
NCI grows Service Desk support with IncidentMonitor™
When Anthony McBride assumed the role of Manager, Help Desk Operations for NCI Building Systems in Houston, Texas, in 2004, one of the first orders of the day was to improve efficiencies for the IT support help desk team. After extensive searching for a software that could provide the capabilities he needed - including ITIL compliance and supporting Sarbanes Oxley requirements - he chose IncidentMonitor™ from Monitor 24-7.
Internal Help Desk Software
niagara service desk software
Niagara Region Help Desk Flows Thanks to IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Software
Having outgrown its previous system, Niagara Region’s Corporate Services Division, charged with providing help desk I.T. services to other government departments, was seeking a cost-effective, yet robust solution to support its ITIL® requirements....
Internal ITIL Service Desk Software
bh service desk software
IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Software Growing on B&H
B&H needed to quickly implement a solution that could help it to prioritize help desk tasks, stay compliant with its software licenses while avoiding overspending, and act as a safeguard for system critical changes....
Expanding Service Desk Software
alliance service desk software
Alliance Atlantis IT Groups gets help from IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Service Desk Software
As Manager of Information Technology at Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc., Mr. Michael Consiglio is responsible for the smooth operation of the company’s IT service desk. With over 700 users in Canada, the United States and Europe, Michael was in need of a powerful, flexible and cost effective software platform that was compatible with their existing technology....
Alliance Service Desk Software
ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.