Liberty Diversified International (LDI)Enjoying the Benefits of Self-Service

The Challenge

LDI’s existing ITIL service desk and help desk software package was being discontinued, providing the company with an opportunity to move to a more robust solution that addressed its needs, such as giving users self-service potential, automated ticket routing and automated processes.

The Results

With the implementation of IncidentMonitor™ from Monitor 24-7 Inc. LDI introduced a simple, no-training-required, self-service portal. IncidentMonitor includes a service catalog which automates ticket routing to the right person in the right place, with full automation. The result is a minimum of 360 hours/year saved by the desktop team, another 60 hours saved on automating the process of ordering a printer cartridge.

  • LDI saves a minimum of 420 hours/year due to improved staff service desk self helpefficiency and process automation
  • LDI provides end users with a self-service tool
  • LDI Maximizes resources, allowing technicians to solve more problems
  • LDI Empowers end users to stay abreast of the progress of their requests

How did LDI save time?

  • LDI Saves Time Using IncidentMonitor. LDI estimates about 30 per cent of the tickets are coming in by email, and they’re cutting about five minutes out of the process – per ticket. All told, for incidents and work orders, LDI estimates about 30 hours per month are saved for the desktop support team, that has nine people. The entire department, which includes desktop support, infrastructure and applications, has 26 people.

  • Workflow example that saves time. Before, if an end user needs a toner cartridge, the end user would call the help desk and then the help desk will contact the vendor. Today, the end user accesses IncidentMonitor, selects their printer ID plus the cartridge they need. The ticket automatically gets routed to an outside vendor. The vendor then fulfills the request and closes the work order. LDI estimates this one process saves about five hours a month.

Want to learn more about how IncidentMonitor helped LDI to improve service and save time? Download the full story in PDF!

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