Niagara Region Help Desk Flows Thanks to IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Software

The Challenge

Having outgrown its previous system, Niagara Region’s Corporate Services Division, charged with providing help desk I.T. services to other government departments, was seeking a cost-effective, yet robust solution to support its ITIL® requirements.

The IncidentMonitor™ Advantage

  • ITIL® compliance allows department to take first contact resolution
  • Flexible solution empowers customers with activity overview
  • Responsive and personal contact support from Monitor 24-7 Inc.
    has helped ease the transition

IncidentMonitor™ the Logical Choice for Niagara

The consultant recommended a couple of different solutions, one of which was IncidentMonitor™, an enterprise management framework that is packed with features out of the box, including the ITIL® templates that Blom’s department needed to achieve its mandate. Blom was given a demo and came away impressed: “They were very reasonably cost effective, and the maintenance and so on was also very reasonable.”

The clincher, she says, was the fact that she received from other customers “very good recommendations and glowing remarks about the level of service and the level of support” that Monitor 24-7 provides. That, Blom said, was very important to them, “because we basically, with CA, had zero support.”

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