IncidentMonitor Process Designer

The IncidentMonitor™ Process Designer will allow you to quickly implement or change simple or complex service desk workflow processes in just a few minutes.

  • Using the graphical capabilities of the IncidentMonitor™ Process Designer, you can implement or change serial, parallel or ad hoc workflows.
  • Using the Process Designer, you can also implement multiple approval types including: multi-level; vote; and group approvals.
  • The IncidentMonitor Process Designer allows you to implement your specific workflow processes such as Facilities, HR/Employee processes, Bug Tracking, Sales processes, etc.

The options are limitless!

service desk software workflow designer

Identify and Link Your Workflow Steps

Using a simple point and click approach, you can define workflow steps. The workflow steps can then be linked as serial workflow (dependencies), parallel workflow (multiple steps created at the same time with no dependencies) or adhoc (added by the service desk technician as required).

Define the Behaviour of Each Step

You can define the rules associated with each step using the intuitive graphical interface. The Event Rule Edit window further differentiates IncidentMonitor™ Process Designer from the graphical workflow tools available from other vendors.

Using the Event Rule Edit windows allows you to define the criteria under which the rule executes. The rule can be general across all requests, or using the point and click, identify the value of specific fields under which this rule can be executed. In the example below, the “Receive Server” step is executed when the “Order Server” step is completed.

service desk software event rules

Use Custom Field Data in Workflow Design

You can easily define workflow logic and branching using data in custom fields without scripting! Using the point and click capabilities of the Workflow Designer, you can select custom fields required in workflow process and define the criteria to be used. Multiple fields can be selected, which ensures all configuration requirements are fully supported.


Reusable Processes

There’s no need to recreate the wheel! You can define individual workflow snippets, such as a review step. The individual workflow snippets can be easily linked to other processes—a great way to reduce your effort and cost when creating or modifying workflow.

service desk software

“Collector Workflow Step”

This concept is widely used when multiple serial workflows streams are executed in parallel. For example, when all workflow streams are completed, notify the appropriate service desk technician. This logic usually requires complex scripting which takes a lot of time and increases your cost. Using the Process Designer, you can define you collector step and assign notification and assignment rules…IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES! See the “Done” task in the following diagram.


Easily Implement Your Approval Requirements

Approvals are critical to IT and to the business. As a result, approval requirements are very specific to each organization. For example, organizations may require a manager’s approval for any service requests over a specific dollar value; or executive management approval is required before changes to a mission-critical server can be implemented into production. Because of the difficulty of implementing approvals in the service desk software, many organizations revert to a manual approval process. IncidentMonitor™’s Process Designer approval features allows you to implement any approval types using the intuitive graphical interface.

You can select the approval type from the menu.


Once the approval is in the designer, you can define the approval requirements.


You can easily select the approvers in a multi-level approval environment.


ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.