IncidentMonitor Service Catalog Designer

IncidentMonitor Service Catalog Designer gives you the ability to design web forms with their own unique process flow and published these to your user community. The Service Catalog allows you to group your services and present them in an easy to navigate collection to your users. Every group name or image can be defined by yourself. That way the services are easy to recognize by your users and your support team.

service desk software workflow designer
Click on for example the hardware group in this example gives me the various forms available. Below an image where we opened the printer issue form.

service desk service catalog We’ve wrapped the rich functionality of extended attributes and made it easier to use, configure and deploy service catalogs. To create service catalogs we have a clean, drag and drop form designer which allows you to easily design any form that your organization requires. We’ve added several new data types:

  • Radio buttons
  • Hierarchical drop down lists
  • Just Data fields
  • Just Time fields
  • Price fields which enable a price, quantity and we calculate the total for you
  • New enhanced contact search fields
  • Total fields at the form and section level (subtotal).
service desk service catalog

You can configure HTML help for attribute options, prices values, defaults (not shown on this attribute) and data entry messages for built-in web form validation.

service desk service catalog

Finally the forms appear as you’ve designed them (it’s all under your control). You can create dynamic forms which automatically change based on the users selected options using checkboxes, radio buttons or drop down lists. Using repeatable sections you can create work order forms (as shown) with automatic totaling of data entry.

service catalog form example

ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.